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Check out the updated list of 2011′s Chuseok TV specials!


Awal pekan ini, kami mengungkapkan panduan ke berbagai spesial dari MBC, KBS, dan SBS untuk liburan Chuseok 2011. Di sini kita memiliki daftar diperbarui spesial dan jadwal tayang mereka.
Check it out di bawah ini!
<Sabtu, 10 September>
11:50AM: MBC “Knee Drop Guru – Witty Talkers’ Counterattack
12:00PM: KBS1 “Chuseok Plan Traditional Korean Music One Garden
11:10PM: KBS1 “Park Chul Soon’s Hot Blooded Club
11:20PM: KBS2 “Chuseok Special Drama – Noriko Goes to Seoul
<Minggu,11 September>
9:05AM: MBC “Dancing With The Stars – 100 Day Challenge
8:00PM: KBS1 “KBS Special- Ok Jung Ho’s Four Seasons
10:30PM: KBS1 “The World’s Most Lovely Drama
11:00PM: MBC “K-POP All-Star Live in Niigata
<Senin,12 September>
9:40AM: MBC “Sebakwi’s Packaged Present Set
10:00AM: KBS2 “All Look-a-likes, I Am Fake
11:10AM: MBC “The Clash of the Announcers: Find the Top Daughter-in-Law
12:00PM: KBS1 “Multi-cultural Families Singing Contest
5:10PM: KBS2 “Brown Eyed Girls’ Pitapat
6:00PM: SBS “Top Star Couple
6:00PM: KBS2 “Fair Lady’s Secret
6:10PM: MBC “I Am a Trot Singer
7:25PM: KBS2 “Comedy Korea vs. Japan
<Selasa, 13 September>
10:00AM: KBS2 “Super Duper Reading Quiz King
11:00AM: MBC “Star Auctions
5:30PM: MBC “2011 Idol Star Athletics Championships
6:00PM: KBS2 “The Invincible Baseball Team
8:20PM: KBS2 “Idol Clash Magic King
8:35PM: SBS “Couple-Star Love Village”
10:00PM: KBS1 “Road Documentary, There is a Hometown There
Source: Herald News via Naver
credit: allkpop
indotrans: askarein@yeppopo


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